#MondayBlogs – Reporting In

Hey-ho, nerderinos.

We are now one week into March. The weather is looking lovely. It’s getting warmer, the snow is starting to melt . . . And the ants are invading my house. *wistful sigh* Spring is just around the corner. Then I’ll have wasps and ladybugs to complain about instead.

Now it’s time for my monthly update (meaning if I don’t get other blog entries written in between, you can at least expect one of these every month. Y’know, if I remember).


I might actually complete my round edits on Rebirth by the end of this month. And if not, then April is looking hopeful. I hit the 81% mark a couple of days ago, leaving me with a mere 19% to edit. Or sixteen scenes spread out between nine chapters.

Either way, we’re almost there, guys!

I’ve also managed to dig out an hour at the end of each day to work on the rewrite of The Calypsis Project, because it seemed wise to get a bit of a head start on that. Chapter One’s opening scene (like the very start, where Kenon is ushered up to the dais) has since grown from 256 words to 485, and my list of notes is slowly shrinking.

I’m fairly confident in the changes I’m making, but I will be sure to run them by my betas before I set anything in stone. If the previous version of a scene resonates better with my readers, I’m not gonna change it unless I feel it’s absolutely necessary.


In other news, I’m still working through my commission queue. It’s nice to know I have a fairly steady string of work ahead of me. The only downside is that sitting at the computer drawing for 5-7 hours a day ( five days a week) really starts to wear on you after a while–especially when you’re not really an active person to begin with.

In other words, I’m your stereotypical lazy-ass writer/artist who rarely goes outside.

To counter this, I’ve started working out and doing stretches every time I leave my chair. I have yet to notice any change. But with warmer weather around the corner, I’ll be picking up my daily walks again. At least until it gets too buggy outside (one of the major cons of living in the countryside).

So hopefully that will help. If I get nice and toned in the process, that’s a plus.

Annnd that’s pretty much it for this update. I hope you enjoyed my morning rambling.

Now, back to work.


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