Busy, Busy, Busy

Okay, before anything else . . .

THE CALYPSIS PROJECT II: REBIRTH IS OFFICIALLY IN THE HANDS OF ALL MY BETA READERS. It took me a full year to finish my edits. A full goddamn year. But I finally sent it out to the last of my betas on May 2nd, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally have it done.

And I couldn’t have wrapped up edits at a better time, because life took a turn for the busy literally two days after I finished, as you can see on the calendar below. Look at all those Employment & Education Centre (EEC) visits!


I got accepted into the Youth Job Connection program they offer there and recently completed the course. Though the 9:30am starts were rather draining, it was super fun and I met some cool people along the way (plus, it was basically paid training. What’s not to like?). And thanks to my Job Developer, I now have a part-time retail job lined up.


I’ll be starting work at the local Home Hardware on Wednesday, which gives me the next few days to chill and (hopefully) wrap up the last art commission in my May commission queue. Then, starting in June, I’m going to hop into rewrites for TCP I and start addressing new beta feedback for REBIRTH.

If all goes according to plan, ARCs should be ready to go out around July/August.

On my days off in between the YJC program, I also put together a cheeky timeline for the next installment in the Calypsis Project series: PULSE. I was going to take a break from all things writing until June, but I had to do something. So I did this.

New canvas

It’s funny to see it summed up in just a handful of pages. Mind you, the bulk of the story has already been written down in the form of a rough draft, so most of the points in this timeline were simply summed up as “Shit happens” — which is a pretty accurate descriptor, unfortunately for my characters.

And that’s all the teaser you’re going to get for PULSE for a while!

With that, I think I’ve covered the last couple month’s worth of life updates.

So: until next time, lovelies! ♥



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