Character Focus – Interview with Jenna Whittaker


13096190_1191304047568882_1555622748994703516_nMy name is Jenna Whittaker and I am an Australian author who has been writing fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels for as long as I can remember! I have self-published 2 novels–1 science fiction and 1 fantasy, have finished the first draft of a 3rd, a dystopian fantasy (to edit and then publish later this year) and finally am currently writing the first draft of a 4th, another fantasy, about half-way done.


The world was dying, so scientists worked to create a safe haven in the centre of the earth; hollowing it out for the future generations to live safely.
When the creatures created to watch over the people detected the failsafe program had activated, and that their hollow world was about to collapse, they took them to a sentient, biological spaceship, set with the coordinates to take them to a new world.

But with the aliens who helped the scientists in the past come back to change the course of the ship, things soon spiral out of control.


1. Tell me a bit about your character. Who are they, how old are they? What do they look like?
The main character in my novel, Watership, is a genetically modified alien creature, called Desu. She is a monster, to human eyes; a primarily quadrupedal beast with massive claws, six almost-blind eyes, and the sensors she uses to see in the darkness—akin to tentacles, under her chin.

2. Do they have any strange or unique physical traits?
Unlike the others of her kind, Desu can think for herself, separate from the hive mind.

3. Where do they live? What’s it like there?
Desu and the rest of the horde of her kind live underground, inside the hollowed-out earth. It’s a dark, dangerous place; a series of massive caverns with cities built out of the stone.

4. What is their role in the story? Are they the protagonist/antagonist, a supporting character?
Desu is the protagonist in this novel, fighting to keep her humans safe against all the odds.

5. What do they do for a living?
Desu and those of her kind were created in a lab in order to serve as caretakers for the remainder of the human race. She protects the humans hiding in the caverns of the hollow earth, and eventually will assist in taking these humans out of their caves and into space, when the earth collapses.

6. What do they do for fun?
Because Desu is unique, in that she can think separately from the rest of her kind, she also has an interest in the humans that the others do not. She sneaks out and looks in the windows of the humans’ homes, longing for the light and companionship inside.

7. What is their greatest weakness, their greatest strength?
Desu’s greatest strength, and her greatest weakness, is her love for the humans, and her ability to think alone. It allows her to act when she needs to, but her love for the humans has also brought her the greatest pain.

8. What do they want from life? What are their goals?
Desu’s goal in life is to protect the humans—just as her kind was given that directive when they were created—but she also realises that some of the plans put into place a century ago, may not be what is best for them now.

Want to learned more about Desu? Go check out Watership today!
Jenna Whittaker can be followed via the links below.

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