Fun Things on the Horizon

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Hello lovelies!

Yes, indeed, there are fun things on the horizon. The horizon being August, if all goes to plan. Starting on July 1st, my editor and I will hop into TCP II: REBIRTH to start prepping it for ARC release (hello, second-to-last major edit). We’ll be editing roughly ten pages a day, which will put us on track to complete it in just thirty-eight days — meaning ARCs should be ready by mid-late August.

And then the real fun begins.

Raffles. Book tour scheduling. Release date reveal. Release party planning. All the stuff  I didn’t have the chance to do for my debut. Amidst all that, I’m going to keep chugging along on the rewrite of TCP I, which is coming along quite nicely so far (you can get an unpolished sneak-peek at the first half of the new Chapter One right here).

Provided everything runs smoothly, it should be ready to go around the same time as REBIRTH. So October. Ish. It’ll still have to be polished by my editor before I release it into the wild, just like any other book. I want to make sure my rewrites are in tip-top shape for you guys.

In other news, guess who joined Patreon?

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I decided to fire up a Patreon campaign because I would love to devote most of my free time to writing, to creating worlds and intriguing characters for you to enjoy. There are so many stories I want to share, so many little fictional universes I am dying to introduce you to. Unfortunately, my financial situation demands I spend most days trying to drum up money for living expenses.

But with your help, those stories may just see the light of day.

And in return, you can gain access to a bunch of stuff you won’t find anywhere else!

  • Your name in the acknowledgments of all stories made possible by this Patreon
  • Free e-copies of my books, both current and future!
  • Early looks at all my projects (draft chapters, sample scenes)
  • Deleted scenes, alternate takes
  • Exclusive art-related stuff (sketches, WIPs. Even a couple of full pieces)
  • Annotated PDF copies of my books
  • Paperback copies of all novels released after you become a patron
  • Access to monthly character studies
  • In depth Q&A sessions
  • And of course, my undying gratitude ❤

So if I still have your attention after that, head on over to my Patreon page!

Even if you can’t contribute money-wise yourself, you can still help out by sharing the page with your friends, or retweeting my pinned tweet. Every bit of help is greatly appreciated!



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