Character Focus – Interview with Sam Reed



Sam Reed is a born and bred southern girl who grew up reading Toni Morrison, Archie Comics, Christopher Pike, Octavia Butler, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King. When she’s not thinking of what to write, she is napping or eating, going to church, wishing she could sing, watching A Different World reruns, sitting in the sun, trying to perfect her Grandma’s biscuit recipe–or reading a book.



3dbookimgv2FAIR TO HOPE

Velma had lived two lives: her first as a former foster kid, and her second as an unlikely recruit into a secret order that satisfied her need for retribution. Her fifteen-year-old self had given up on hope, but after three years with the Taram, she’d found her life’s purpose.

That is, until she is surprisingly named Kachina, the fabled chosen empowered to fight the last battle for the fate of the world. Having to kill someone she loves was never part of the bargain, even if it means saving everyone else from damnation.

Building a normal life free from the pull of the Taram–seems like the only answer to her prayers. Except her best friend, the other Kachina, is coming. The legend is clear that one of them must die

Velma will have to weigh the cost of her life against a world that’s constantly betrayed her and quite literally decide if she’ll be damned in dying, taking the whole world with her.


1. Tell me a bit about your character. Who are they, how old are they? What do they look like?
Velma is 18 years old, a former foster kid, who is just starting to realize her life has purpose. She’s not as tall as she’d like to be at about 5’6”, brown skin, perfectly kinky-coily black hair, full lips, black eyes . . . There’s also a character rendering of her on my Instagram page that helps bring this description to life.

2. Do they have any strange or unique physical traits?
She’s stronger than she should be, and she can sense the purity, or lack there of, of a person’s soul – it’s something that registers through her whole body

3. Does the character have any quirks?
Velma drinks way too much coffee, and due to a new friendship, she’s gaining an affinity for trashy reality television. Oh, and she almost always only wears the same grey beat-up chucks.

4. Where do they live? What’s it like there?
She’s just settled into Fairhope, a small southern town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. For her, it’s like living in Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow or Mayberry for the 21st century. People are kinder than she’s used to, and are open to getting to know her. At first it felt foreign but now, it’s starting to feel like home.

5. What is their role in the story? Are they the protagonist/antagonist, a supporting character?
Velma’s the main character, though if she had her way, she probably wouldn’t be; she’d be happy to hand the protagonist title over to someone else and play the supporting role.

6. What do they do for a living?
She works at a furniture store selling unfinished wood furniture and bookcases to the locals.

7. What do they do for fun?
Well, now she watches reality TV, attends the local sporting events, hangs out at the dinner, sits on her porch drinking lemonade with her friends or playing spades, goes to BBQ’s and neighbor’s house parties. She lives.

8. What is their greatest weakness, their greatest strength?
Her greatest strength is that she knows that she needs people, and she’s not ashamed of it. Her greatest weakness is that she has a hard time believing that other people need her in the same way.

9. What is the best that ever happened to them? The worst?
The worst thing that ever happened to her was the death of her mom, she was young when it happened, but her dad abaondoned her to the foster system soon after – and that led to years she’d like to forget. The best thing that ever happened to her was stumbling into Fairhope. That small town became her saving grace as much as anything else.

10. What do they want from life? What are their goals?
More than anything she wants a ‘normal’ life, a family, however she can build one, she wants to become comfortable with the abilities granted her because of who she’s supposed to be, and she really wants to find a way to escape a destiny that says she’s supposed to kill her best friend.

11. Does this character of a “theme” song (or several)?
I love this question! She has several songs that are important to her and so I think count as a theme song, Nina Simone’s Cry Me A River Erykah Badu’s Next Lifetime, Scenario by Tribe Called Quest.


Oh, I love the sound of this character! And look at that cover. ❤

If you want to find out more about Velma, be sure to check out FAIR TO HOPE today! I know I’m definitely adding this one to my to-be-read list.
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