I totally didn’t forget to post this yesterday. Nope. Mm-mm.

Ahem. Anyway . . .


Nearly three years after the release of The Calypsis Project, TCP II: Rebirth—the conclusion to the Echo-Alpha Duology—is finally out in the world, and it feels awesome.

When I set out to publish this series, I never imagined it would draw as much attention as it has. Sure, it’s no huge hit. It hasn’t won any awards or hit any bestseller lists (yet, anyway – says the hopeful little gremlin in my brain). But the response has been greater than I ever expected, and for that I have you, my lovely readers, to thank. ❤

And to celebrate this release, I’ve got some sweet deals on!

The Calypsis Project is currently FREE on Amazon Kindle (until the 21st), and TCP II will remain at its 99c price point until the 24th. So if you’re only just hearing of the series, or if you’ve been eyeing it for a while, now is a fantastic time to jump in! And if you’re just here for the sequel, now’s a good time to grab that too.

The Calypsis Project (Amazon US)
TCP II: Rebirth (Amazon US)

And now, enjoy a dump of all the fancy teasers I used to promote the book in the weeks leading up to release.

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