THE PLAN #MondayBlogs


Long time, no see!

Life has been crazy busy for a while now, but I think things are finally starting to stabilize now. Sort of. At least to a point where I feel I can plan ahead. And I figured I would share The Plan with you guys so you know what I’m gonna be up to!


I recently picked up a comic coloring job, and I’ll have a second one starting in September. With both comics averaging around five pages per month, I’ll have some pretty steady work, so once I’m through my current batch of commissions, I’m going to start limiting slots to one or two per month depending what people want.

The awesome thing about this gig, too, is that I’ll probably have time to actually work on my own stuff again, because coloring jobs are simple and quick — meaning you can expect a lot more original artwork from me in the near future!


Sadly, I won’t be exhibiting at any conventions this year due to money troubles and lack of new products. However, I am hoping to return to the exhibition halls of Ottawa Geek Market next year! I’ve actually already been toying with a new table layout, and I have a ton of new products planned (oodles of stickers and buttons and bookmarks  in addition to some fresh prints —  and, of course, my books).

Speaking of which . . .


My TCP short story, WE HAVE EACH OTHER, is officially out in the wild! You can read it now on Wattpad, and I’ll be releasing it on Amazon sometime in October (it would’ve been published on Amazon already if I hadn’t entered it into a contest, but the contest rules don’t allow me to upload it to certain places, so I have to wait. At least I was able to upload it somewhere, though).

The story will also be available in paperback form at some point, and they will be tiny and cute as hell. Might even have some Darcy & Liz stickers to go along with them if I do exhibit at Geek Market next year!

Now, with that little story out of the way, I’ve hopped back into PULSE and TCP 1 revisions. And seeing as the revisions have been hogging my attention of late, I think I’m just going to focus on them.  My goal is to have them done by December, and to have the second edition of the book out by the middle of 2018. Once that’s out of my hands, I can put all of my writing energy into PULSE — which is looking like it’s probably on track for my later ETA of 2019.

Of course, things might go faster if my Patreon takes off.

*segues like a t-rex on a unicycle into that subject*



I’ve just done a complete overhaul on the page. New rewards have been added to all tiers, goals have been altered slightly, and the whole thing is now equally focused on both my artwork and writing!

Tiers start at just $1 USD. However, if you can’t or don’t want to spare the funds but would still like to help out, you can always share this post around the internet. Word of mouth can be an incredibly powerful tool!

Cheers, lovelies ♥



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