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The Howling Dark is a forthcoming scifi fantasy standalone novel that follows fugitive werewolf brothers Sylvain and Illia across war-torn wastelands and treacherous wilderness in search of refuge. And on the run from the military that has this world in a stranglehold, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

For readers who enjoy stories of brotherhood, multi-POV, ragtag rebels, messy relationship dynamics, betrayal, found family, and enemies-to-friends; and for fans of anime such as: Tegami Bachi, Wolf’s Rain, and To Your Eternity.

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A girl full of heart
A thief touched by darkness
A boy with a fiery temper
An unwitting servant of evil

The era of magic was once thought to be a myth, but after the Reemergence ushered forces both dark and light into the mundane world, it has since become a harsh reality. Now those affected by this strange power—a specialized group of Empowered called Jokers, known collectively as Cardplay—must protect their world from the darkness that threatens to consume it, all the while fighting for equality in a society clinging to normalcy.

But the Reemergence was only the beginning.

When another influx occurs on the seventh anniversary of that fateful event, an unfortunate encounter at ground zero lands Iori Ryone, a teenage boy in possession of a corrupt and legendary magic, in the care of recent Joker graduate Ellen Amelia Jane. From him, she learns the Reemergence may not have been the inevitable natural disaster it first seemed.

Someone is trying to tear down the barrier that separates the magical realms from the mundane. The question is, can Cardplay stop them before it’s too late?

Bloody Spade is the first installment in an urban fantasy duology that follows a cat-eared thief and a spirited girl as they try to navigate his wild magic, her hotheaded brother, and the feelings they’re developing for each other.

Category/Genres: Young adult, urban fantasy
Publishing date: September 15, 2021


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Trigger / Content Warning

  • Coarse language
  • Blood and violence, some gore
  • Moments of graphic violence/torture
  • On-page character death
  • Body horror
  • Harassment/bullying
  • Vomiting
  • Poisoning
  • Amnesia
  • Grief/bereavement
  • Anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks
  • Trauma related to kidnapping/physical abuse
  • Parent death (discussed, glimpsed in flashbacks)
  • Car accident (discussed, glimpsed in flashbacks)
  • One instance of a forced kiss (not intended to be romantic or sexual)



BH placeholder cover


Spade, Heart, Diamond, Club.
Four legendary Suits.
Four chosen Keepers.
One world at stake.

When hell breaks loose, who will be holding all the cards?

After a valiant rescue mission saw to the end of the criminal organization Blackjack, Cardplay has taken advantage of the relative peace following their victory to recuperate. However, no news isn’t necessarily good news.

Two Blackjack operatives are still at large, presumed to have fled with the Warden of the Void and their unmasked leader to his estate in the cliffs—well out of Cardplay’s reach, and safe behind a wall of deceit and strategically-lined pockets. To make matters worse, a revelation about the identity of the Heart’s Keeper has everyone walking on eggshells.

All that stands between the mundane world and untold chaos is a single unbroken seal. One mistake and the futures, dreams, second chances, and fresh starts they’ve all been working towards could be ripped away.

The magical era was lost once already.
Is it doomed to be lost again?

Bleeding Heart is the second and final installment in the Cardplay Duology, an anime-inspired YA urban fantasy series that follows four young adults imbued with extraordinary power as they navigate a world where magic has come roaring back from myth to reality.

Category/Genres: Young adult, urban fantasy
Publishing date: May 11th, 2023





The Calypsis Project - CoverThe year is 2438. Ten years ago, an ill-fated encounter on a human mining colony triggered a devastating war between the United Nations Planetary Defense and an alien organization known as the Drocain Royal Empire. After a decade of fighting with no sign of a conclusion in sight, the men and women of the UNPD find themselves faced with the reality that mankind’s very existence could be at stake.

When Corporal Alana Carmen stumbles upon an encrypted communications device, she learns there is more to the conflict than a simple war-for-worlds. But to uncover the truth, she must make allies of those she once considered enemies.

And now, the fate of the entire galaxy may rest on the shoulders of a single alien warrior . . .

Following a public shaming at his own Coming of Age ceremony, Kenon Valinquint enrolls in the Drocain Royal Empire with the hope of one day redeeming himself. Unbeknownst to the young Drahkori, this decision has set in motion a staggering chain of events that could very well change the direction of the war, and the known history of the universe, forever.

Category/Genres: Adult, science fiction, space opera
Publishing date: December 21, 2013

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Trigger / Content Warning

  • Coarse language
  • Blood and violence
  • Moments of gratuitous violence/gore
  • On-page character deaths
  • Mentions of suicide (non-graphic)
  • Off-screen suicide, aftermath shown (graphic)
  • Ableism/ableist language


The Calypsis Project II - Rebirth Cover

The key may be gone, but the war is not yet over.

Three years following the loss of Pioneer and its passengers, Alana Carmen and her teammates continue their fight against the Drocain Royal Empire. The Calypsis Project has been unveiled. The Nephera have retreated to the edge of space, and the Leh’kin have joined forces with the UNPD.

For once, humanity finds itself on an even playing field. But with the return of old friends, tensions are running higher than ever.

When Echo Team embarks on a mission to reclaim a stolen freighter from rebel forces, they discover far more than they bargained for. Now they must fight the Nephera head-on, or face certain annihilation.

Category/Genres: Adult, science fiction, space opera
Published: October 17, 2016

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Trigger / Content Warning

  • Coarse language
  • Blood and violence
  • Moments of gratuitous violence/gore
  • On-page character deaths
  • Mentions of suicide (non-graphic)
  • Off-screen suicide, aftermath shown (graphic)
  • Mentions of self-harm
  • Ableism/ableist language



WE HAVE EACH OTHER - COVERWhen the Sudbury survivors camp of Haven is attacked by the Converted–the barely-human products of the Metamorphosis plague–23-year-old Darcy Ringwald and her girlfriend, Liz, have no choice but to flee the camp, leaving behind the only home they’ve ever known.

But the wilds of this bleak Earth are no place for the unprepared. If Darcy and Liz are to survive, they must make their way to North Gate-a government-controlled safe zone located in the heart of Toronto.

The only thing that stands between them is four hundred kilometers of unfamiliar, and very likely plague-infested, territory.

We Have Each Other is a Calypsis Project short story, which takes place four decades prior to the events of the Echo-Alpha Duology, and roughly one year prior to the upcoming prequel novel, Pulse. It is not required that you read the Echo-Alpha Duology beforehand.

Category/Genres: Adult, post-apocalyptic, science fiction
Publication: August 19, 2017

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Trigger / Content Warning

  • Blood and violence
  • Some gore


Content / Trigger warnings will be updated as necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything you feel should be added to the list!